Student Testimonials

Bruce & Dylan are a great team. I can Tell they’ve done this a number of times. Very clear delivery on every topic. Questions I had coming into the program were answered without me asking the question. Top Notch

- John, Detroit Lakes, MN

It was refreshing having instructors that were personable & professional. Their commitment to training was top notch. I have attended the 4 day defensive handgun course @ Front Site & these guys are of that standard. Excellent!

- Susan, Frazee, MN

Very encouraging at the range. Helped defray nerves. Wonderful classroom instruction. Highly recommend to all.

- Karen, Frazee, MN

I've owned & handled handguns and rifles for over 40 years. I found this class informative and refreshing. Thanks

- Brian, Vergas, MN

I thought the course was very informal. Learned more than I thought I would - Been around guns all my life

- Steve, Wadena, MN

Thank You for all the extra time and help you gave to me. You and Bruce do wonderful work teaching. Thanks!

- Glenda, Detroit Lakes, MN

Excellent! Very Informative. Good Value

- Chuck, Frazee, MN

Very relaxing and educational class. All of my concerns and questions were answered.

- Mande, Detroit Lakes, MN

Very good presenter and very good delivery of important info

- Bryan, Wadena, MN

Very informative, excellent instruction, leaned a lot.

- Bruce, Detroit Lakes, MN

Excellent class! They do a great job with all the info and keeping the class engaged. Also love the sense of humor and how they walk through everything with you. Highly recommended!

- anonymous

Very Good class, maybe add up to another hour. Very good class.

- Dave, Osage, MN

Very Helpful. Made me feel confident in my shooting.

- anonymous

Excellent Training Class. Very professional and qualified in training all concepts of safety.

- Tom, Detroit Lakes, MN

Very patient, made me feel more comfortable.

- Vanessa, Frazee, MN

Awesome Job! 5 Stars!

- anonymous

I carry concealed with confidence in my rights after taking this class

- Alexander, Two Inlets, MN

Great Great Class & Instructors! Very informative! Very friendly!

- anonymous

I enjoyed this class (CCW) and learned a lot from it. 

- Charles, Mohnomen

Took the Red Bull Training in Frazee and it was so informative and well presented. Everyone that had questions they (Bruce & Dylan) was well prepared with answers. Then when we went to the firing range, they were so prepared & helpful to those experienced and especially to those of us unexperienced! I Highly Recommend attending their classes and look forward to further training with them myself

- Tamara, Frazee, MN

Great Class, Very informative. The instructions on gun handling and safety was extremely detailed. I would certainly recommend this class to others! Thank You!

- anonymous

You guys were awesome! Very interesting and informative. Will definitely recommend you.

- Jodi, Osage, MN

Very clear. Answered the what to do questions. Very helpful!

- David, Detroit Lakes, MN

The guys were very professional and thorough yet made us feel comfortable. Excellent and informative class.

- anonymous

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